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How Much Will It Cost?​

Mediation is a much cheaper option than going to court. Litigation is extremely expensive and will increase pro-rata with the length of the hearing.

Unlike going to court, you will also know in advance how much the mediation process will cost. The cost of mediation is also split equally with each of the mediating parties paying half each.


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Prices Effective July 2024

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting – 

FROM £120 per person

FM1/C100/FORM A for court purposes

FROM £60.00 per Form

Mediation meetings Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm

FROM £150 per person per session ( 90 minutes)

Mediation meeting out of office hours

Mon to Fri 5.30pm to 8.30pm  & Weekends - POA

Preparation of open statement of financial information –

FROM £60.00 per hour per person

Preparation of parenting plan –

FROM £60.00 per person

Preparation of memorandum of understanding –

FROM £60.00 per hour per person

Please Note We Can Offer Legal Aid -

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We Make Mediation Affordable And Keep The Costs Simple​

How  family mediation Manchester works.

Family mediation is a process that helps families resolve disputes through facilitated discussions that are designed to reach a mutually acceptable outcome. The mediator—a neutral third party—assists family members in identifying and discussing their concerns and needs. The mediator does not take sides or make any decisions. Instead, the focus remains on creating a collaborative and constructive dialogue that leads to a resolution.

The actual mediation process starts with a joint meeting where the parties, along with the mediator, discuss their respective positions and identify any areas of agreement or disagreement. The mediator encourages the parties to actively listen to the other party’s perspective, and to avoid interrupting or criticizing. After the initial meeting, the mediator meets with each party separately to help identify private concerns and goals. 

Confidentiality remains a key component throughout the process with National Family Mediation Service Manchester. Once the mediator has collected enough information from both parties, a negotiation session may occur, which aims to reach an agreement between all parties. This process may repeat itself over a few mediation sessions.

Transparent Fee Policy

Clients will be advised on how much their mediation process is likely to cost once our trained mediators have had the opportunity to assess their individual circumstances. If charges are likely to change after the initial Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) clients will be advised.

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